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lynda's story

Lynda & Charlie

If we listen with our heart, life has a way of leading us exactly where we should be.  It led me to Antwerp, a place I had never given any thought to.  It started in Atlanta with a chance meeting of a man from Antwerp.  He returned to Antwerp, and we stayed in contact.  I visited Antwerp for four days in November of 2016.  It was cold and rainy.   I fell in love – with Antwerp.   Returning to Atlanta, I began researching life in Antwerp.  By January 2017, I had decided to move with my 11-year old daughter, Lydia, to Antwerp in June.


Having no idea what I would do for work in Antwerp, but trusting my gut feeling that I should move, in March 2017, I flew to Antwerp to find a place for us to live and a school for my daughter.  Searching for community, I joined the Etsy Antwerp group.  Through this group's leader, Ludwine "Lou" Vereecke, I learned of a shop that was for sale. The shop sold the work of local artists and designers.  This was a long-time dream of mine, owning a shop that supports artists and designers with space for creating.  My dream was coming to life.  All in a city that six months before had never entered my mind.


Two years have passed and I have moved the shop to a new, more vibrant location.  I’ve added sustainable clothing lines, ecological and fair-trade items to LaunchRoom’s offer. Some of the artists and I offer workshops in a separate room. Our shelter dog, Charlie, is a much loved member of the shop. All are welcome to drop in for a chat, a browse, a small break from our hectic lives. I hope to provide a small haven to all who stop in.