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Silk route

Silk Route is a Dutch brand that designs beautiful accessories that differ from the crowd and go beyond fashion. We develop 2 collections a year, and offer a wide range of both spectacular statement pieces, but also fine and versatile basics. Due to our choice of high quality materials, we guarantee the longevity and durability of our items: you will enjoy it and they will become an important part of your wardrobe for many years. Especially if you treat your  Silk Route item well. Treat your Silk Route shawl or jewelry as you would like to be treated yourself: lovingly and with care.



In 1975 our founders Cees van Bladel and Meria Sars decided to combine their love for each other and beautiful fabrics. This resulted in a marriage in a green velvet suit for Cees and mint silk gown for Meria on the one hand,  and a wholesale and chain of shops in the Netherlands, first under the name Meria Stoffen (not so very original, do ask them the story about this name when you run into them!) and later called Silk Route on the other hand.


Together they travelled the world sourcing and designing the most rich and high quality fabrics. Strong relationships with suppliers where made, which exist even till date. Meanwhile they also managed to raise a small family of their own: in 1983 daughter Crisje was born, in 1984 daughter Sharon followed. Both daughters travelled from a young age with their parents to all parts of the world. The wholesale and shops thrived, also thanks to a fine team of very motivated and creative employees.

The fascination with fabrics, designing and travelling was definitely inherited by both daughters, but initially not the love of entrepreneurship. Crisje studied Psychology whereas Sharon’s first interest was focussed on a government function. But blood is thicker than water, and first Sharon joined her parents at Silk Route and a couple of years later Crisje decided to join as well. Both girls have different qualities, and oddly complement each other. Together with their parents they form a solide team combining two generations. They decided to close the shops, and put all their effort on wholesale only.


At Silk Route we aim for sustainability, and do not believe in fast fashion: we choose for good quality and create designs not only suitable to combine with this seasons fashion but for many seasons to come. Even though we constantly develop new designs, you will see some styles returning each season.

Other than that, we focus on putting a minimum of impact on the environment. We develop only 2 collections each year. Our collections are consolidated and send from the far east in one lot by sea only to use as little as possible transport. This sounds simple, but it does take a lot of planning and constant communication with our factories in the far east from our side.

Our choice for excellent quality is entangled with a innate sentiment of justice: we believe in the total chain of creating and producing our accessories all parties should benefit. 

We travel to the factories we work with ourselves regularly. We want to meet the persons with which we are doing business, and see how their factories are set up, and how they treat their staff. Besides our demand to meet certain standards and certifications, the ‘feel’ we have with people and a place is also considered very important for us.