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lien & giel

Lien & Giel - The colorful Dutch brand for women. Lien and Giel have deliberately opted to have their products made in Europe in order to be able to effectively guarantee quality control and fair working conditions. There is no child labor in the manufacture of a Lien & Giel product.

The printed tricot fabrics consist of 95% organic cotton with 5% elastane. Our plain jersey is fully GOTS certified.

 In addition to the fact that the raw materials must be grown organically, there are also requirements for the processing of these substances. For example, clothing may only carry a GOTS label if it has only used paint processes that meet strict requirements in the field of non-toxic substances and environmental friendliness. Nickel, PVC or chrome may not be used.

Quality and durability 

Every Lien & Giel garment is provided with the most optimal color fastness and shrinkage values ​​of the fabric. In addition to the fact that all products are 100% ecological, the customer also wears the highest quality possible with a green smile!

The clothing of Lien & Giel is characterized by the enthusiast mainly by the use of color and the comfortable wearing comfort. The items from different Lien & Giel collections can be combined indefinitely.