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Ladi biosas

Indulging in the Simple Pleasures

A word play on the epicurean phrase “láthe biṓsas”, the company name was chosen in reference to the epicurean ideals of life based on simplicity, tranquility and finding pleasure in the little things. From the family-owned grove to the stylish bottle, Ladi Biosas is lovingly crafted with this philosophy in mind.

A small company with a great idea, Ladi Biosas re-imagined olive oil and created a premium product that brings together art, creativity and culinary delight. The company has won multiple awards for both quality and design and is already favored by some of the most prestigious resorts and restaurants in Greece.


The Gentle Art of Olive Oil

Set amidst junipers, citruses and arbutus trees at an altitude of 600 meters, Ladi Biosas’ organically farmed, family-owned olive grove yields exceptional crops that produce a premium monocultivar extra virgin olive oil. The select Koroneiki olives are first cold pressed to preserve the distinctive floral, peppery and grassy notes, and the olive oil is then bottled and labeled by hand. Dedicated to the preservation of high quality olive oil, the company takes a holistic approach, with a vertically integrated production process and environmentally-friendly organic agriculture to guarantee quality.

Taking distance from the mass market for olive oil, the company uses art as a driving force to create a premium product that will reposition Greek olive oil on the world market.


The Art of Taste, A Taste for Art


A premium product deserves premium presentation, and the company worked with renowned local artist Takis Katsoulidis to create its distinctive glass bottles with natural oak stoppers, each of which is numbered and signed by the artist himself. But the company’s passion for art is not just limited to its products; Ladi Biosas has released a series of “Art Olive Oil Cards”, featuring the work of famous photographers and features poetry on the website, too. The company also sponsors exhibitions and has worked with the Hellenic Association of the Blind in Kalamata in order to include braille text and make such projects more accessible.