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Readings by Rhonda

  • LaunchRoom Lange Koepoortstraat 16 2000 Antwerpen Belgium (map)


If you have taken a yoga class with Rhonda, you know she is well-trained to help you align your body and mind. She also uses her intuitive abilities to inform you of upcoming opportunities and assist you in recognizing your own internal guidance system to enhance your path forward. 
As a child, Rhonda had a knack for sensing when things might take place; however, it wasn't until later in life that she received information about a major event three days before it happened, that made it undeniably clear that she had a gift worth sharing.  Since that time, she's strived to ground the information that comes to her to help others.  She has read for clients all over the world.  She does so by connecting with you to provide insights.  Rhonda feels it is important to understand that no one can predict your future.  We all have the power of choice.  Rhonda taps into energies you've already put into motion.  These energies provide links to your past and present, as well as opportunities that may present themselves in the future.  She encourages clients to take only the information that is useful and leave the rest.  Her use of the tarot, astrology and numerology complement, confirm and deepen her readings for clients.  She doesn't claim to be an all-seeing guru, doctor or healer.  She simply knows she gets information her clients have found useful for over 20 years, so she continues to share it.